Your company did a great job. You're a great team of experts and good people! Most climbing is done on Mont Ventoux. The town of Bédoin is the starting point for this route up Ventoux, and it has lots of accommodation options. Ventoux from the vineyards (photo credit: macumazahn/ This is a ride that truly deserves its place in the epic rides hall of fame. The Mont-Ventoux is a legendary mountain that owes this status mainly to the Tour de France which often passes here. We would need 2 hybrid style bikes with straight handlebars for 2 males. Thank you very much, will definitely recommend you to other riders who may be going to France and needing to rent. Q&A on how to ride the Cinglés du Mont Ventoux, including firsthand tips from Epic Road Rides reader Ben Davies. First and foremost, I would like to wish you a safe journey back home! Cycling through the Luberon area with its amazing lavender fields is a true pleasure for … We prefer to call it the connoisseur's route. They may need adjusting before going out to someone else. Read on for a map, profile, GPX route, photos, commentary plus where to … I rented three bikes from your company last year starting in Lyon and finishing in Marseilles. The contents of this page is provided for general information purposes only. Will you pick up bikes from the hotel? Best regards. Size set up was perfect on both of them. HAUTE ROUTE Mont Ventoux. I rented three bikes from your company last year starting in Lyon and finishing in Marseilles. The sun on the white rocks is dazzling after the relative dark of the forest. The parcours of the inaugural Mont Ventoux one-day race (Picture: Mont Ventoux Denivelé Challenges) The race will kick off with a 5km, easy 3.7% climb, followed by Col des Aires at 3km and 5.4%. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Legendary bikes from the most famous Italian bike manufacturer which has won more Tours than any others. Read our tips for cycling Ventoux before you set out. The gradient reduces for a few hundred metres as you leave Chalet Reynard, but be prepared for wind as you leave the trees; if you don’t get a brutal headwind, you’re lucky! We have a map that will get us out of Paris. This 21.5 km / 13 mile route - the D974 - goes up the north face of Mont Ventoux, starting from Malaucène. Beautiful collection of Ventoux kits made by Nalini. Example Ventoux illustration - to be personalised for you! Le Géant. At the summit, there is a restaurant that serves basic meals. You may withdraw this consent/opt out at any time by emailing us. Or-  perhaps easier- we can drop off the bikes at your rental location, but then I need the directions. If we love your product and think our readers will too, Epic Road Rides will write articles that are about, or mention, your product or destination and then promote them across social media. You can find details of the places we have stayed (and loved), here. The Spaniard reached the top in 55 minutes and 51 seconds during an individual time trial between Bédoin and Mont Ventoux, i.e. The road down can be hair-raising. Epic Road Rides is happy to review and promote products we love, whether they are physical or digital. Getting there. Contains stunning photos of Ventoux and other mountains. Your guide will then be emailed to you straight away. Nearest airport is Marseille. Composants et Accessoires. Le Mont Ventoux, 'The Giant of Provence'. The mountain the Tour de France peloton fears most. Hello. We will process your data in accordance with our privacy policy. Even though the Mont Ventoux is a great challenge, there are so many other great cycling routes in the Provence and also many great places to stay. The login page will open in a new tab. You can see the hairpins stretching ahead of you, and it feels both exhilarating and daunting. Unsurprisingly, eventual 1958 Tour de France overall winner Charly Gaul won the stage.. Mont Ventoux etched itself in cycling history when British rider Tom Simpson died near the top in … Tip: If you can't see the email, check the spam folder (or the "Promotions" tab in Gmail). Come and visit! There is a water fountain near the Tom Simpson memorial. It was on this ascent of th eMont Ventoux that in 1967, on July 13,the English cyclist Tom Simpson died of … You can opt out at any time. I rented three bikes from your company last year starting in Lyon and finishing in Marseilles. If you find you don't like our emails, you can unsubscribe with just one click. and 12%. Thanks again for the good service with the rental bike. We will be cycling for about 10 days in Normandy. Around 30% shorter than the original course, this format is a challenging, fun, and authentic way for riders to get a taste of the Haute Route experience, including an ascent to the summit of Mont Ventoux on Stage 3 via the famous Tour de France route. But we hope that won't happen! Hi, I’m Clare, I'm a road cyclist with a passion for travel. Stefan. V-A-E. Touring. Get lots of cool stuff you won't get on the blog. Lots of riders choose to pay their respects at the memorial to Tom Simpson, a few kilometres from the summit (on the righthand side). Want to help ensure we can continue bringing you guides like this? Bedoin - Mont Ventoux - Malaucene - Bedoin - Distance: 54.53 km - Elevation: 1694 hm - Location: Bédoin, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region, France At 1,912m, it is the highest mountain in the region and has been nicknamed the "Beast of Provence", the "Giant of Provence", or "The Bald Mountain". We will use this to send you your guide, updates and newsletters. The Beast of the Provence is tackled twice, once until Chalet Reynard and then all the way to the top. In fact, even though the France map is closed to free riding and no group rides have taken riders up the climb yet, 1471 Zwifters have summited Mont Ventoux since it was released 18 days ago! You can find our hotel suggestions here. Last but not least, I would like to thank you for your kidness and professionalism! British cyclist Tom Simpson, who died here on July 13, 1967 from a combination of amphetamines, alcohol and heat exhaustion. I have told Lee that you will be coming by on Monday. It’s about seven kilometres before the summit, and it’s impossible to miss: there are some post-boxes at the side of the road, followed by wooden cabins and a sign for Chalet Reynard. All rights reserved. We will use this to send you updates and newsletters. Source. There is a reasonable amount of car parking outside the restaurant. Non-road cyclists might be interested in the Ventoux Bike Park at Chalet Reynard. You leave Bédoin on an open, relatively gentle road through vineyards, olive groves and cherry orchards. Distance:          21 kmElevation Gain: 1,580 mMax Grade:      15 %, All metrics in this guide are approximate, Click here for tips on downloading GPX/TCX files. Other than a couple of flat tires, we have had a wonderful trip. Copyright © 2020 Sarl Du Géant. We'd love to hear from you - comment below or, Of course Ventoux features in our list of the best climbs in Europe - check out the other climbs. Benefits to working with Epic Road Rides: Almost there. You can find all the details here (or click one of the images below). Please log in again. Please consider buying something from our shop to commemorate your trip! Our complete guide to cycling Mont Ventoux from Malaucène. We give inspiration and practical information to help you have an awesome ride. Stefan. Vanuit Sault via Monieux naar de top van de Gorges de la Nesque, waar je een mooi zicht hebt op de top van de Ventoux. The fastest ascent of Mont Ventoux to date was Iban Mayo’s record Mont Ventoux climb of 55' 51" in the individual climbing time trial of the 2004 Dauphiné Libéré. We will be arriving at Hotel le Meridien Nice (1 promenade des Anglais), sometime this afternoon. La route (RD 974) reste fermée dans les deux sens dans sa partie sommitale, depuis le Col des Tempêtes côté sud et depuis le Radôme côté nord. For best tourist information about Provence please visit A longer climb but a more forgiving gradient, the Sault side is generally seen as … Find out more here. Check out our complete guide to planning a holiday to Provence and Ventoux. The Tour de France first ascended Mt Ventoux in 1951 (where it came from the Malaucène side) but wasn't used as a hilltop finish until 1958 in stage 18. Our comprehensive guide to cycling Mont Ventoux from Sault. If once up Ventoux isn't enough of a challenge... take a look at our Q&A on the Cinglés du Ventoux: three times up and down in 24 hours! Leaving the forest and coming out into the white lunar landscape, is incredible. Some call the Mont Ventoux Sault route “Ventoux-lite”. On the north side, the mountain borders the Drôme département. First-hand accounts are written from a cyclist’s perspective, that get under the skin of amazing destinations. Chalet Reynard is a popular place to stop. We went to your shop and were outfitted with two splendid Trek bikes, shoes and helmets, thank you. You may withdraw this consent/opt out at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of emails we send you or by emailing us. At around 20km, you pass the memorial to Tom Simpson, and many choose to make a stop here. Take care and happy riding, Clare. I left the bike in the storage room at the hotel, it can be picked up anytime. This status is only right as the mountain has a unique beauty due to its location in a flat / hilly area without any other mountain nearby. More details below. This includes details of Mont Ventoux location velo/bike hire in Bedoin. A final thought - while you're around Ventoux, check out this Gorge de la Nesque ride; it sounds amazing! We are planing a trip to Bourg d’Oisans 1. Mont Ventoux is a mountain in the Provence region of southern France, located some 20 km northeast of Carpentras, Vaucluse. Hi Jean-Michel, just wanted to say thank you for providing a wonderful bike and setup for my epic rides up to the Col du Galibier and around the Serre-Chevalier area. The route is usually the Bédoin. Pinarello. If you’ve ridden Bédoin and are looking to your next ascent of Mont Ventoux, this is the route we’d suggest next. complete guide to planning a holiday to Provence and Ventoux, Mont Ventoux personalised cycling illustrations, Michael Blann's beautiful coffee table book, guide to planning a holiday in the Ventoux and Provence region, 19 essential tips for cycling up Mont Ventoux. Bédoin village (Photo credit: StudioPortoSabbia/, Tom Simpson's famous memorial, near the summit of Mont Ventoux, Pretty pastel-coloured buildings (Photo credit: StudioPortoSabbia/ It is not intended to amount to advice and you should not rely on it. Ventum NS1 new road bike from famous IRONMAN World bike partner. I set up to help make it easy for road cyclists to explore new places by bike. Don't miss our inspirational photos plus route map, profile, GPX and more. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site. Thursday 6 August - The 2nd edition of the Mont Ventoux Dénivelé Challenge serves an elevation gain of more than 4,000 metres on a 182 kilometres route. I look forward to coming back again and will definitely recommend you to my friends. Going Compact. It was wonderful dealing with your company and employees. If it went there, move it into your inbox (or the "Primary" tab if you're using Gmail). Climb of Mont Ventoux from Bédoin (south): You climb 1610m over 22 km of road. We will use this to send you updates and newsletters. After Les Bruns and the St Estève bend, you head up into the forest on a wiggly, merciless road through the forest. It has a ski lift up to the start of three mountain biking trails. If you’re only riding Mont Ventoux once, make it Bédoin to Ventoux. Many Zwifters are wanting to have a go at Mont Ventoux, the massive climb appearing in Zwift’s new France map which replicates the iconic IRL mountain. From Sault. Historical information about Mont Ventoux is taken from – Ventoux: Sacrifice and Suffering on the Giant of Provence by Jeremy Whittle. This year I … I just wanted to say thank you very much for your bike and service when we were in France. Just take a look at the stats for cycling Mont Ventoux via Bedoin: Bédoin-Mont Ventoux is 21.3 km long, it climbs 1,579 m, and its average gradient is 7.4%. We are more than happy to enter into brand ambassadorships with brands we use and trust. You may withdraw this consent at any time by emailing us. Few hairpins, but a continually wiggly road through the Réserve de Biosphère du Mont –Ventoux – a rare ecological environment. We will process your data in accordance with our privacy policy. This GPS-accurate model of the world-famous climb is by far the toughest ascent in game, climbing 1480 meters (4857′) from the beginning to end of the timed KOM segment. Epic Road Rides is all about long-term relationships. Pyrenees Multisport, as one of the official Tour Operators for the HAUTE ROUTE and with our 15 years of tour organisation and support we will provide you a seamless experience for your challenge to climb the three sides of Mont Ventoux … Iconic mountains, stunning scenery, the greatest challenges of the sport. If you start the drive south from Bédoin you will climb 1617 m over 21,8 km, and this is the most famous and difficult ascent because of the winds and an average gradient of 7.43%. Consulter la météo pour connaître les conditions d’accès à la station. Stefan Titus. Bédoin - Mont Ventoux - Distance: 21.42 km - Elevation: 1588 hm - Location: Bédoin, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region, France Released with Zwift’s France map for the first-ever Virtual Tour de France, the “Ven-Top” route is named for the massive climb it contains: Mont Ventoux! This 21.5 km route goes up the north face of Mont Ventoux, starting from Malaucène. Please note our terms of use. You might also like to check out our beautiful Mont Ventoux personalised cycling illustrations and Michael Blann's beautiful coffee table book, which includes stunning photos of Ventoux. Hello. Les véhicules pourront accéder sans difficulté au Mont Serein (Ventoux nord) depuis Malaucène et au Chalet Reynard (Ventoux … The bike, delivery and service was fantastic. Don't cycle Mont Ventoux from Bédoin without having read this first! If you find you don’t like our emails, you can unsubscribe with just one click. Mont Ventoux rises up proud and alone in the surrounding landscape, but the countryside here isn't entirely flat: there are plenty of small hills and, even the last, downhill stretch of the route was a little demanding because we were riding directly into the wind. Climbing the Mont Ventoux was amazing and it will surely not be the last time. This 21.5 km route goes up the north face of Mont Ventoux, starting from Malaucène. But we hope that won’t happen. Stefan Titus. Climbing the Mont Ventoux was amazing and it will surely not be the last time. Epic Road Rides disclaims all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on any of the contents of this page. Les Marques Leaders Du Vélo. Classed by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve for its much diversified flora and fauna, this area on the foot of the mountain is bound to delight you. We will keep your email address safe in accordance with our privacy policy. Please go to your email, find our message and click on the link. The gradient is severe, the road is often wet, there are multiple hairpins and strong gusts of wind. We ha a wonderful trip to the summit and want to congratulate you for the bikes and service, we very much enjoyed the trip and the bikes! The Malaucène Tourist Office is on the place de la Mairie, 84340 Malaucène. The Routes: The great roads and rides of cycling. Bikes were great going over all the cols. I am keeping my water bottle as a memento! Buy one of these from our shop and it'll help you remember that amazing day out on the bike, plus you'll know your purchase will be supporting the maintenance of this guide and all the free information you find on! The Haute Route organizes transfer from the airport. Our best tips on how to make your ride up Ventoux a success, including how to prepare and plan for Ventoux's notorious weather. It’s the route the Tour has taken 15 times, the one Tom Simpson died on, the iconic climb that everyone will assume you’re doing if you tell them you’re cycling Mont Ventoux. Best regards. Sadly, Covid-19 means travel is currently difficult - but I hope the information you find here will help you plan for once it’s possible again. Your must-read guide to conquering Mont Ventoux from Bédoin. Your company did a great job. Our bike trip is almost over. If you have even a passing interest in pro cycling you’ll probably have heard of Mont Ventoux. Please let me know if this is possible. This year I need 2 bikes starting and ending in Paris. Mont Ventoux (French: [mɔ̃ vɑ̃tu]; Provençal: Ventor) is a mountain in the Provence region of Southern France, located some 20 km (12 miles) northeast of Carpentras, Vaucluse.On the north side, the mountain borders the Drôme département.At 1,909 m (6,263 ft), it is the highest mountain in the region and has been nicknamed the "Beast of Provence", the "Giant of … Climbing the Mont Ventoux was amazing and it will surely not be the last time. This Mont Ventoux cycling t-shirt is printed on organic cotton and feels great to wear. It’s on all the “top rides” lists. Your company did a great job. June. Hello. We carry Trek bikes since 2010 at the utmost satisfaction of our clients. Receive all our inspirational guides as soon as they’re published. This coming year, I am excited to let you know that I will be coming back for the L’Etape du Tour event on July 21. Les conditions météorologiques changent vite,et en peu de temps, les routes peuvent être enneigées. THE ROUTE FROM MALAUCENE. The gears slipped a bit on both bikes. Mont Ventoux in cycling history . Despite having only being used in the TdF since 1951 (many of the giant climbs of the Pyrenees and Alps date from the early 20th Century) it is probably the most famous and feared of the great climbs of the Tour.Ventoux’s particular mystique is reinforced by the fact that it is … I sometimes had to go up and down before the gear would find its place on the rear cassette. We will use this to send you updates and newsletters. We will process your data in accordance with our privacy policy. We constantly receive the latest products and bikes from our world leading brands. Get the inspiration and information you need to tackle this infamous route. Good morning. Before I sent in the booking request, I wanted to ask a few questions about renting a bicycle for the event. We have always ridden Ventoux from the various charming towns we have stayed in in the Luberon National Park, about 35-40km south of Bédoin. Last July I rented a bicycle for you during a stay in the Alps. Classed by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve for its much diversified flora and fauna, this area on the foot of the mountain is bound to delight you. Sault-Mont Ventoux is longer, and the gradients are much less severe than the Bédoin and Malaucène routes. Get lots of cool stuff you won’t get on the blog. Mont Ventoux is the one of the most gruelling climbs in the Tour de France. The Compact course for Ventoux features fewer kilometres (90-100km) and less elevation gain (1700-2100m+) per stage. I wish I was anywhere near fit enough to ride with Michelle but I have ridden a Personal Best distance and love, love, love your electric bikes! The Tour has visited the mountain thirteen times since 1951. To 5. It's open at weekends during the summer, weather permitting and is suitable for adults and children over the age of ten. Back in the land of the living just now and in London this week meeting with cycling clubs and teams…and getting time to catch up on emails. The average time for cycling Mont Ventoux is a more moderate 1.5 to 4 hours, depending on which route you take, your fitness and the conditions. Ride the most iconic American bikes. The essence of some of the most iconic theatres in cycling, the roads on which the greats fought and reputations were forged. There are three routes up to the summit of Mont Ventoux. The fastest ever ascent of Mont Ventoux belongs to the spaniard Iban Mayo Diez and was recorded at the Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré in 2004. Vélos Route. Epic Road Rides’ readers tell us that the main reason they come back to us is for our content. We have been very happy with the bikes and the service from FBR in the recent years, and would therefore like to hear if it is possible to rent bikes from FBR while staying in Bourg d’Oisans? We give you the inspiration and practical information you're looking for to help you tackle this, the most prestigious route up Ventoux. Louise’s would jump off the rear cassette occasionally and mine took a bit of getting used to to get the gears to settle in to place when on the big front ring. A personalised illustration of you on Ventoux or a Ventoux tshirt perhaps? Thanks for everything. Whatever the length or type of content you need, get in touch.